Top 5 Places to Visit in Dalhousie During Your Next Diwali Trip

20th Oct 2018 hotel

Hotel Blue Magnets is one of the best hotel in Dalhousie with excellent accommodation options and ultra amazing luxurious facilities available for your comfortable stay in Dalhousie. There are plenty of sightseeing places in and around Dalhousie for you to visit during your trip. They are as follows:



This small town in Dalhousie is widely popular as the “Mini Switzerland” of the India. The mesmerizing beauty of this place has influence many travelers all around the world since many years.  It is located at the altitude of 6500 feet and it creates the picture perfect location for the tourists. It is also very popular for the nine hole golf course in the lush green landscapes. There is a small lake which is also very famous among the tourists. People do many activities here like horse riding and adventure sports like zorbing and trekking etc. And this famous town is just 22 kms away from the hotel Blue Magnets Dalhousie. You can reach there from hotel with in an hour as the roads are little tricky due to hilly area.



Panchpula is actually five bridges which are surrounded by fresh green deodar and pine trees with five stream waterfall. It is the major water supply point for different cities of Dalhousie. Its origin is from the northern side of Dainkund.  The main attraction here is the waterfall, it is like the sight for the sore eyes for the tourists. People love to visit here for the natural beauty, and also trekking. This wonderful place is 23 kms from hotel Blue Magnets Dalhousie which is again around an hour of drive from the hotel.

Kalatop wildlife sanctuary:


Snow capped mountains, lush green deodar and pine trees, plethora of wildlife, amazing natural landscapes, wonderful waterfalls with the streams of fresh flowing water are the mixture of things you will be getting to see at the kalatop wildlife sanctuary. It is located in the chamba district of Dalhousie. This place is rich in flora and fauna as it is situated only a few kms from the river rav and chamba dam-chamera reservoir. You will be witnessing many small small water streams on the sides of the road which meets together ahead and makes the river ravi into the north side of the kalatop wildlife sanctuary. This place is the perfect place to go for a daytime picnic spot with your friends and family. This place is just 16 kms away from the Hotel Blue Magnets Dalhousie.

Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie Overview:


This place is the highest point of the Dalhousie with beautiful pine trees all around. This place is 2755 meters above from the sea level. You will be getting a beautiful panoramic scenario from the top of the whole Dalhousie city, beautiful rivers and water streams, and hilly area. This place is also known as the singing hill because as the wind passes between the trees creates the musical notes. This place is 17 kms away from the Hotel Blue Magnets Dalhousie.


Chamba is the beautiful place one has always dreamed off. This place is full of natural beauty and one of the most beautiful destination with the minimum human alteration. This place is very rich in different size and kind of flora and fauna. And which makes it one of the most picture perfect place of Dalhousie to visit during your next trip. There are different lakes, temples, wildlife and many more things which this beautiful place has to offer you. You will be getting a lot of wonderful memories from this amazing place of Dalhousie. And it is just 22 kms away from the Hotel Blue Magnets Dalhousie.

So, hurry up and make your hotel booking in Dalhousie now itself in Hotel Blue Magnets Dalhousie and enjoy the dream holiday of your life with your loved ones.